Answers to your questions

A holiday is not a superficial moment in life, it’s time to reload, experience and grow an individual’s culture.

We know it very well and we know how much time is precious, the more that you spend for yourself: we can’t make any mistake.
On this page, you can find answers to your questions.

Otherwise, contact us.

Cancellation Policy - Free until 24 hours

The participant who wishes to cancel the journey for any reason will have the right to 100% refund of the fee, providing that notice is given at least 24 hours before the journey commences, Arena di Verona entrance tickets are not refundable. Refunds cannot be given after this time.

What is the difference between “Excursions & Day Trips” and “Small Group Tour”?

“Excursions&day trips” are public activities, where the group consists of various participants who booked the offer independently. Public activities always take place at a certain date and time.
“Small Group Tour are private activities, the group consists only of people who booked the offer collectively. These activities will only take place on the date and time you booked it.

Is my tour guide able to pick me up at my hotel?

Only the “Small Group Tour” have the pick-up point directly at your hotel.

Will the activities take place even if it rains?

Most of the activities will take place even if it rains. If that is not the case, it will be mentioned in the additional information, which you can find below the description.

Are Dogs allowed?

Yes, we accept only very small dog. They must be situated in a handbag during the travel or have a muzzle.

What forms of payment do you offer? Can I pay at the hotel?

As the tours are sold by LikeGarda.com you are NOT allowed to pay at the hotel.
We offer 3 types of payment:
• Credit Card – this option instantly gives you your vouchers and tickets in your email inbox. When paying by credit card the SECURE CODE is always needed.
• PayPal – You can pay with both your PayPal account and your credit card. You will receive the
vouchers directly after the payment.
• LikeGarda.com accepts all prepaid cards that belong to these associations: Mastercard, Visa, Diners, and Postepay. Before booking, please always check that there are enough funds on the card, otherwise, you will have to load the card with the desired amount at least 24 hours before the purchase

Why am I not able to pay at the location?

The payment of the bookings has to be done beforehand so that the offeror and the customer have a guarantee and the possibility to plan ahead.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

As soon as the product is booked a booking confirmation will be sent to you via E-mail. Please print this confirmation and bring it to the meeting point. We accept the mobile voucher as well!! If you do not receive a booking confirmation within 12 hours after your booking, please have a look at your spam folder. If the booking confirmation cannot be found there as well, please contact our customer service.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong or if you are unsure about something, you can always contact our customer service. Our business hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 6.00pm.
Our telephone number is +39/0457255666
Email: info@likegarda.com info@likegarda.com
Emergency phone number +39/3664077571

Is this tour wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately our tours are not suitable for wheelchair users.